Recommended Solar Suppliers & Installers

100 Go Solar has assessed suppliers and installers based on a range of criteria including:

  • Local business and working in solar (PV) power for more than 3 years
  • Experienced in local commercial and business installations
  • Equipment supplied from manufacturers who have achieved Tier 1 status – rated the best in the world for quality, sustainability and social justice benchmarks by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition – see
  • OH&S requirements and safety procedures
  • After-sales service and on-going maintenance

Disclaimer: While 100 Go Solar recommends the following suppliers and installers, we cannot be held responsible for any problems encountered with quoting, installation, equipment or after-sales service and maintenance. These issues are between your business and the supplier/installer. We will, however, follow progress of your installation and when it is switched on, enter your business name into the monthly draw.

 We recommend businesses seek 3 quotes.

Energy Audit and Efficiency Experts

These businesses may also offer solar installations in addition to energy audits.  However, the equipment offered may not be of a similar quality to the recommended standard of that used by the 4 listed suppliers and installers.

Name Contact Phone Email
Australian Sustainability Institute Colin George 6688 4432
0438 099 073
PowerSmart Michael Qualmann 0415 875 672

Suppliers and installers

These businesses offer Tier 1 solar panels and top quality inverters, enabling comparison of quotes based on similar equipment.

Name Contact Phone Email
Juno Energy# Patrick Halliday 6680 7802
0425 256 802
Light Touch Solar#+ Tim Hodgson 0427 198 025
Rainbow Power Company+ Tamsin Yeld
Andrew Nicholas
6689 1430
New Alternative Technologies Nathan Hicks 0419 556 639
Precept Renewable Energy Services Guy Cameron 6621 7063
Prestige Energy Jack Traynor 0422 719 708
Heinz Solar Heinz Joris 0474 803 821

# offers energy audits | + also offers battery storage and off grid systems

Solar Hot Water

These businesses offer Solar Hot Water installation.

Name Contact Phone Email
Tom Creighton Plumbing  0407 330 926