100 Go Solar

100 Go Solar is a non-profit community initiative to encourage 100 businesses in the Byron Shire to purchase and install solar power systems from local suppliers and installers during 2015. The challenge leads Byron Shire’s initiative to increase efficiency and reduce pollution and waste.

100 Go Solar is Byron’s brighter business challenge which seeks to

  • Excite and build momentum through media and events
  • Encourage businesses to put solar on their premises
  • Reward those who take up solar during the challenge
  • Show how easy it is to change to solar
  • Address perceived barriers
  • Publicise Byron Shire’s contribution to reducing greenhouse gases through increased use of solar

How it works for you

Through this website, businesses can register to participate in the challenge. They will be able to select from recommended energy efficiency experts, solar suppliers and installers, and encouraged to obtain 3 quotes. Some finance options to help spread capital costs are listed under ‘Finance Options’.

100 Go Solar does not prefer any supplier or installer over the other – recommended names have been carefully selected against a set of criteria to ensure recommended solar companies work locally and have substantial experience, quality equipment, sound work practices and on-going maintenance.

When a registered business has completed its solar installation, the installer will advise 100 Go Solar and that business will go into the monthly prize draw. The business will also be eligible for a major prize (to be announced) at the end of the campaign. Check this website regularly for prize updates.


100 Go Solar is a non-profit community initiative supported by Byron Shire Council, the Green Building Centre and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.