100 Go Solar Brighter Business Challenge

100 Go Solar is a non-profit community initiative to encourage 100 businesses in the Byron Shire to purchase and install solar power systems from local suppliers and installers during 2015. The challenge leads Byron Shire’s initiative to increase efficiency and reduce pollution and waste. Please click in the areas below for more information on the campaign.

100 Go Solar

100 Go Solar is a non-profit community initiative

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3 Easy Steps to Solar

Getting the right solar panels for your business


Solar Suppliers & Installers

100 Go Solar recommended suppliers and installers

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Your Rewards

Your chance to win a range of fabulous prizes

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Solar Champions

Why not go solar and join Brookfarm’s success

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Finance Options

Solutions to help you with your solar upfront cost

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100 Go Solar Initiative 

To find out more about the 100 Go Solar Initiative, please contact 0425 243 860